Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Menan Butte

This one is another fun hike close to home. It has spectacular 360 degree views from the top.

Helam was thirsty.........
Thats not water!
It's Anelyse's lizzard.

Helam made sure to point out all the ants along the trail.

There were a lot of cool trees along the trail.

At the Top.

This is on the way back down. The trail is pretty steep and slippery at this point so the railing really helps. What a fun day. Best present I could get.... a fun memory with my family! What a great day!

Cress Creek Nature Trail
This is one of our local favorites

Grandma, Hadley and Anelyse at the River below the trail.

A little nature along the trail.

After the hike, we ditched the kids with Grandma and Kellie and went in search of a geo-cache. Joshua ended up braking his last pair of flip flops, walking barefoot til we found the cache up the side of the mountain. Little did we know we were almost there on the nature trail with the kids, so this find was much harder than it needed to be and we ended up hiking half of the trail again coming back, but it has a much greater adventure this way. My mom and Kellie ended up leaving with the kids - we had no cell phone and were locked out of the Tahoe. I finally borrowed a phone from a stranger and could not get good enough reception to communicate the problem. My mom turned around guessing that she might have the keys in the stroller. What a day!

Howdy Cowboy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A day at the tide pools
Joshua's favorite x-mas gift

Cool hats from grandma Barbara

Helam wanted to be a princess too!

Enjoying the fire with Papa

The Gingerbread Houses

Even Helam helped by eating the candy off the floor; what a good little helper!

Water slide on the cruise ship - It was pretty cold.

Joshua and Anelyse were the only ones to brave the frigid waters on the slide.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

January - February 2009

Anelyse sledding at the swamp with Hadley and Grandma

Saturday afternoon walk to the river with the kids

Oh, what fun it is to ride!

Anelyse at her gymnastics class.

First time skiing for Anelyse we actually fot to see the life flight helicopter come. That was kind of cool.

Riding in the chairlift was the best part.

Anelyse was all smiles until she had to move. There was whole lot of frustration going on.

We all made a snowman while dad threw the ball for Kota

And she was of coarse all smiles.

Helam loves being outside! lately he has been bringing me his coat or his snowsuit when he wants to go out - and he gets pretty mad if I don't take him out.

Helam having a little fun on the couch with Dad

Everyone had to check out Dads cool new duck blind that he got for his b-day.

checking the world out in 3-D